My Body, a Big Bag of Trash

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Fatigue, not feeling well, being overweight, gastric acidosis, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, resulting in a heart attack and all this in middle age, around forty, the so-called civilization diseases or 21st-century diseases.

Is that a standard of today?

What is all this about? Have you ever wondered what is happening to you and your surroundings, why do people get sick often?

Runny nose, cough, sinuses, general health problems. As a result, frequent visits to the doctor. Symptomatic treatment, medicines for runny nose, cough, headache, insomnia, liver, pancreas, heartburn, and all ailments. Drugs that don’t heal, but really hurt you. Take a look at this and see where all this is going. It is a business system that is already accelerating, it is not easy to stop, rushing, reaping, regardless of anything except financial profit.

After all, the scientific and medical community is proud that medicine has moved so forward.

What does it mean? It went forward? In what direction?

Something is probably wrong here. Someone’s pranking us.

If medicine went so forward. Then why isn’t there nearly any healthy people?

Take a look at this and see if there is a pattern here. Because in my opinion, we are the victims of a well-constructed machine. The machine, whose task is to create, us, zombies. Under the cover of supposed prosperity, this machine unknowingly stuffs us with all this crap offered. Like zombies, we see nothing, we use it and pay hard-earned money for it.

Consider how it all works, how much of our consciousness is there?

A conscious person would never get stuffed with poison and then he would not heal himself with poisonous “drugs” while paying extra money for it. And to earn that money, the same person devoted a lot of energy.

Believe me; the life of an individual is no longer important. Only profit is important!

How much fuel of unknown origin I have consumed?

Sweets, sugar, or processed foods with lots of chemical ingredients that my body can’t process. Variety mixes, well-salted or sugared. Beautifully wrapped so as to lull my vigilance and stimulate my taste stimuli. Ingredients constructed in such a way as to make me addicted, stimulate my reward system, just to make me feel better for a few minutes and then digest all this consumed muck, sacrificing tons of energy.

Breakfast, coffee, sweets, snacks, dinner – traditionally a first course, a second course, dessert, coffee, sweet snacks, dinner, coke, pizza, beer, vodka, chips. How could I be so blind and not see how much harm I do to myself? Someone will say, I deserve something from life, I will not give up everything.

Of course, we deserve something, we deserve a conscious life in health and you will only understand it once you get out of this crazy lethargy. Now I know how limited my thinking was. And anyone who has made changes will definitely confirm it.

How much longer do you want to be a trash bag?
Garbage that the consumption system offers you.

Remember, we are what we eat. You consume rubbish sprinkled with alcohol; you become such a rubbish bin with junk thoughts. And now see if you are a driver and you need to refuel your car, you will probably wonder what fuel to choose. And you would rather get it from a reputable station, probably not from such without a name, you will also take care of the car because a scratch on it can often cause sleepless nights. We care about our appearance, in the same way, we care about the hair, we clean the skin, we use perfume, and inside there is stink and rot. Because what the eyes cannot see, the heart doesn’t regret.

We have lived to see very strange times, times when wide access to food can kill. We have such habits that we practically do not give our bodies a moment of rest. Typical addiction mechanisms work here. Food addiction does not differ much from alcohol or drug addiction. The mechanisms are very similar, except that the body’s degradation process is a little slower. But nobody talks about it.

Nevertheless, the scientific community and in particular corporations know this very well. Based on this knowledge, they use our ignorance and drive us into this mechanism, which is very profitable for them. In turn, we store all this shit in adipose tissue.

Our body, not having time to digest all this, postpones it for later, hoping that there will come a moment when it will be able to address it. But such a moment comes really rarely, so after a while, and this is not a short period, because if we do this for about 20-30 years, it starts to rot and spoil, which then manifests itself in nodules, which are often diagnosed as cancer.

Note that everyone is focused on symptomatic treatment, there is no education about where it all comes from, rarely anyone will ask how you eat, what lifestyle you lead.

So I advise you dear reader, do not believe in germs, colds, flu, etc. Companies want us to think like that because that’s what gives them money. Regardless of anything.

Look at all this and think about it. Remember that your body has its limited endurance and will eventually fall apart. And then you can seek help from those corporate specialists who call themselves doctors. Believe me, you’ll be looking for a long time before you come across someone who is aware enough to help you. Most of them are well programmed to ensure that you do not recover too quickly because a cured patient is a lost client. And business must go on. So look around and see what’s going on around you.

Symptom – Prescription – Pharmacy is always like that until a critical moment comes and then it may be too late.

Stop being a garbage bin, and so much will change …

I have already made up my mind, I don’t eat anything, as soon as I get hungry, I choose consciously. I threw away all the crap, sugar, gluten, all processed foods. I compose the healthiest meals myself. I don’t drink alcohol either. And you know what? I’m feeling better and better. Before I often got a “cold” and now I practically do not get sick. Yes, sometimes my body reacts to weakness. There are also toxins in healthy food that you want to get rid of. But it takes one-two days and I’m back in shape, while before, it was a week or two weeks, which usually ended with an antibiotic that emptied my body even more.

Stop being a dumpster and a lot will change.

Sometimes I wonder how all this is perfidious. I got this beautiful body as a vehicle for my soul. Without it I won’t achieve anything, all I can do with a damaged body is pain and suffering. That’s why I started to treat it like a temple because in the physical dimension I am what I eat.

Start making changes, be interested in how junk food affects you. Start with nutritional awareness, change the command center, then the changes will come. Of course, this is a process; you will not change anything overnight … So I wish you good luck in your new life adventure.

Author: Raffi from

Kasia Brzoza


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