Is Sauna- harmful or helpful?

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You already know that to prevent disease and take care of your own health, you should eat, supplement and detox yourself properly.

You can also cleanse the body by detoxification through the increased temperature of the body. That is how the body functions during for example the infection of ears, colds and other diseases. It fights the diseases by increasing the temperature of the body. It sweats, trying to remove the toxins which cause infections.

Sweating is a good form of shield against the infections. It allows the body to fight and causes the defense system to work at its highest, and this is of great importance to your health.

This effect can also be achieved by using the sauna. Sauna is referred to as hot therapy for the body. The toxins are deposited in the fat tissue of the skin. You know that petroleum products are lipophilic in nature, meaning they are deposited in adipose tissue.

Sauna is a source of warmth penetrating the deep layers of the skin.

The use of the sauna should always be preceded by a medical consultation. Many naturopath practitioners use the sauna (infrared rays) in their practice, and this is really effective.

This therapy applies virtually to every disease:

thyroid disorders
chronic fatigue syndrome
chronic muscle and bone pain etc.

What can be achieved by increasing the body temperature?

One of the greatest authorities of medicine in the USA, dr. R. Atkins, a cardiologist, oncologist, dietitian says:

“Thanks to hyperthermia, we can reduce the size of cancerous tumors and achieve the same therapeutic effect using far lower doses of exposure. As a result, the defense system and general condition of our patients with cancer are improving.”

Effective control of disorders resulting from mental stress, healthy circulatory system and greater resistance to disease are further advantages of the sauna. You can learn a lot more about this subject from the publication in “Cardiology Review”.

Other benefits include:

improved blood circulation,
elimination of toxins that destroy the balance of hormones,
positive effect on getting rid of diabetes.

It is the sauna that can free us from the difficulty of losing weight by freeing the thyroid from compounds that poison it. The toxins present in the body, such as heavy metals and pesticides, block thyroid function. The study done by Korean researchers has shown that it has a beneficial effect on the soothing the pain during menstrual bleeding and blood pressure. During the penetration of infrared rays on the skin, the number of lymphocytes and leukocytes increases, the degree of burning in the mitochondria increases, the skin’s elasticity is increased by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, it improves blood circulation due to the increased amount of nitric oxide.
How does sauna work?

The room heats up to around 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). The heat raises the temperature of your body. This process triggers the production of immune bodies in the blood, which speed up the elimination of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, a slight cold or a runny nose can be cured using the sauna. After this therapy, you have to go out and get some fresh air and then cool down using alternating cold and warm showers. It improves blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles of the body, it also improves your mood, because it eliminates stress and fatigue.

Different kinds of saunas:

classic –in which the room heats up to about 100 degrees Celsius, the humidity reaches 100%.
steam- temperature 40-50 degrees Celsius, humidity reaches 100%,
Turkish- weaker than the others, it only causes the body to sweat.

Thanks to the steam generated in the sauna, you additionally cleanse the respiratory tract from viruses and bacteria. That is why it is very popular to use essential oils in saunas.

Who can’t use the sauna?

Sauna can’t be used by people who:

have heart problems,
have skin capillaries,
are pregnant.

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