Gum contains latex and … crude oil.

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Would you stop chewing gum if I told you that you are poisoning your body?

Seemingly innocent gum turns out to be a giant insect for your health.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list?

Most of us probably have not.

We assume that there is nothing wrong with chewing a few pieces a day, especially if they are sugar-free!

Well …
A typical piece of chewing gum contains hazardous ingredients:

Gum base.
Calcium Casein Peptone-calcium Phosphate
Candelilla Wax
Sodium Stearate
Titanium Dioxide
Artificial and ‘Natural’ Flavoring
Acesulfame Potassium

First of all, if you think that gum does not harm your health because you do not swallow it but only chew it, then you are wrong. These dangerous substances are absorbed through the mouth directly into the bloodstream. Chewing gum is so dangerous that some animals may die after swallowing it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ingredients.


Every sugar-free chewing gum is sold as a healthier alternative to regular chewing gum containing sugar. We are constantly bombarded with information about how bad sugar is for the teeth and, consequently, forced to switch to sugar-free gum.

Manufacturers forget, however, to mention that instead of sugar, gum contains sugar substitutes, such as – aspartame, which is much worse than sugar.


Aspartame is a synthesis-chemical combination that consists of:

50% phenylalanine,
40% aspartic acid,
10% methanol.

Each of these substances is hazardous to your health. Aspartame is virtually associated with all kinds of diseases. When you chew gum, aspartame is absorbed by the oral mucosa, which is more dangerous than swallowing the gum. At the end of the absorption stage, aspartame passes through the blood, the spinal cord, and then goes directly to the brain.

This is the same aspartame that is added to almost all diet drinks.

Gum Base

It is a primary ingredient in chewing gum which contains several synthetic ingredients such as:

glycerin, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate,
petroleum wax,
stearic acid.

Although the exact composition of chewing gum is a mystery, the ingredients above are used to provide elasticity and to act as binders and softeners.


Vinyl acetate is often used to make glue, coated paper and is added to the fabric to obtain a gloss.

You decide whether chewing gum is safe?

Sorbitol, Mannitol, Maltitol

These artificially produced sweeteners belong to the sugar alcohol family. Their consumption can lead to many health problems such as cardiovascular problems, abdominal pain, diarrhea, allergic reactions, diabetes, obesity.

Our body cannot properly digest and decompose sugar alcohol in the small intestine.

Each of the chewing gum components is hazardous to your health. This is one of the most poisonous foods.

Do you want to sacrifice your health in order to have fresh breath?

I do not think so.

I do not recommend running after anything that we see on TV or ads. Sometimes it is worth to say “no”.

For the curious, I will tell you that there is an alternative to chewing gum. It is a chicle gum that has originally been used in the production of chewing gum. It is made from the sapodilla tree, which is the native tree of Central America.


Kasia Brzoza


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